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We Speak Your Language

Opus Investment Management's culture, history and infrastructure are built on many years of experience in managing insurance assets. We live where our clients live—in a world of complex regulatory issues, rating agency concerns and investment guidelines defined by statutory and operating constraints.

Our investment orientation incorporates the essentials of risk management, and we are experienced in the full range of investment vehicles suited to insurance companies. Opus Investment Management can employ a broad range of investment strategies, including total return management, asset/liability management, yield enhancement income maximization and tax-advantaged investing crossover management of taxable and tax-exempt securities based on the client's tax position.

Opus Investment Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc., is a member of an investment family with a long and distinguished history of managing fixed income assets. Opus Investment Management began as the asset management division of State Mutual Life Assurance Company, founded in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1844. Opus was incorporated in 1985 and adopted the Opus name in 2003.

Exceeding Expectations

We have created an environment where knowledge becomes power — a company that opens the door to all the available investment possibilities by becoming knowledgeable about our clients' needs and by sharing knowledge with our clients. Opus Investment Management's mission of "total performance" — combining competitive investment results with exceptional service — is designed to present our insurance clients with a wealth of return enhancement options, risk reduction strategies and specific portfolio solutions.