A new movement in investment strategy

Opus Allegro is a 3-step review of your portfolio's positioning in concert with your company's financial strength and goals to determine strategies for your portfolio, and how it impacts your overall business.

Based on our findings, we present trends, recommendations and a path forward specific to your company. We make the complex issues we present easy to understand, and the information we share clear and actionable.

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Insights and strategies beyond investments

Our 30-year history in this market, and our understanding of the unique role investing plays for insurers, has allowed us to see and share a holistic view of your portfolio, connecting the choices you make as an insurer with clear and actionable investment strategies designed to benefit your organization.

With Opus Allegro, you will:

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We can help you chart and realize the level of sustained growth you seek.

It all starts with Opus Allegro℠.

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Ready for Allegro?

This service starts with a short phone call. We only need three documents to conduct our review: your year-end financial statement, your most recent quarterly holdings, and your investment policy statement.

In return, you will receive:

key operating metrics

A connection of your company's key operating metrics to your investment strategy

peer analysis

Peer analysis to gain insights and uncover new strategies

investment policy statement

An assessment of your investment policy statement and sharing of best practices

We are ready to deliver insights to help you achieve your goals, for your portfolio and your business.

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