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See how Opus stays in tune with your investment goals, applies knowledge of regulatory and rating agency considerations, and creates long-term partnerships. This is what signature performance means to us.

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A proud legacy of achievement in helping to build strong financial foundations for our clients.

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Insurance companies, captive insurers, risk retention groups, self-insurance groups, government risk pools, pensions, endowments, foundations and similar organizations

Beliefs and philosophy

Opus composes portfolios that emphasize stability through active management across sectors and issuers rather than duration positioning. We believe that a focus on yield leads to long-term results.

Investments in harmony with youSM—Investors approach Opus, seeking fixed income to fill a specific need.
Yield wins over time—Opus believes an emphasis on yield will lead to sustainable risk-adjusted results.
Value-oriented—We are long-term investors identifying issuers that perform through market cycles.
Risk reward—Focus is not solely on absolute returns, but how investment decisions will impact the portfolio and the clients we serve.